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Mexican corporations or LLCs are required in most situations for an American to do business in Mexico or to hold title to commercial property in the Federal Zone. You may be reluctant to form a new Mexican organization without the guidance and counsel of a U.S. Attorney, CPA who is very familiar with Mexican law and taxes and regularly coordinates "cross the border" business formations and continuing operation for U.S. Citizens.

When you ask us to help with the formation of your Mexican corporation or LLC we will be coordinating closely with your Mexican attorney or accountant. If you do not have a Mexican Attorney or Accountant we have several we can recommend.  The goal will be to put together a Mexican legal tax structure which is also effective with respect to your U.S. tax planning and legal protection.  If the proper US tax elections are not made, or if you do not create the proper type of Mexican corporation, it can have an adverse affect on your US taxes. Consult


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