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Comments from  our clients of  about the expert international expatriate tax services provided by Don D. Nelson, Attorney and C.P.A.:

  •  I paid 4 times as much to have my previous tax return prepared by a Big Four Accounting firm, and they missed some items that Kauffman Nelson LLP found and used to reduce my taxes.".  R.M. - UK


  • " I appreciate your  help by preparing  my last  13 years  of U.S. tax returns. The foreign earned income exclusion you suggested caused me not to owe any taxes. I now do not have to worry about the IRS next time I travel back to the U.S."  B.G. - Costa Rica


  • " Thank you for helping me check my record with the IRS.  I learned that prior tax assessments against me had expired and I no longer owe any U.S. taxes."  B.G.  - Thailand


  • "Thank you for helping me with my offer in compromise.  I never thought that I could resolve by past U.S.  tax liabilities for less than 15% of the total owed."   R.M. -


  • "Due to your international tax expertise, I was able to coordinate my U.S. and Mexican taxes so that I can deduct my losses in Mexico on my U.S. income tax return.  My previous accountant did not know this could be done." A.P. - Mexico


  • " I used to fly back to the US and pay a lot more than you charge to have my expatriate tax return done by an accountant who claimed to be an expert. Now, using the phone and internet you have prepared my return at 1/3 the cost and I did not have the travel cost.  I really appreciated being able to do it all on the internet and even receive my finished return via the internet."  R.V. - Singapore


  • "You have successfully helped me solve my U.S. tax problems and file my past due returns without any problems from the IRS. Now I can return to the U.S. to live without any problems from the IRS.  I really appreciate your help. Thanks."  W.T. - Korea


  • "My regular accountant back in the states did not understand the foreign tax credit, housing deduction, and how to avoid paying state taxes by giving up state residency. After you helped out by suggesting these strategies, I have reduced my taxes to nothing while living abroad."   B.G. - Panama


  • " Now I have coordinated my U.S. estate planning, trusts, and taxes with those in my country of residence abroad. I appreciate your assistance in bringing my planning abroad and at home together. It was easier than I thought and now I will save on US estate taxes.  R.T. - Ethiopia


  • "I never knew I had to file special forms for my foreign corporation and trust or suffer severe penalties from the IRS. My old accountant never told me about these rules. You may have saved me thousand's of dollars in penalties. Now  my  tax returns include all  the required forms necessary comply with the U.S. foreign tax law.  K.S. - Germany


  • "My original CPA with no international  tax experience prepared an estate tax return for my deceased non-resident husband which caused me to pay over $200,000 in US estate taxes on the securities  held in my deceased husband's stock brokerage account. Mr. Nelson reduced those estate taxes to zero by showing that the type of security held in the account was exempt from US estate taxes imposed on non-residents.  RV - Kuwait


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