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The most informative and humorous newspaper published in Mexico covering Baja Sur and Baja Norte
Everything about Todos Santos which is in Baja Sur, Mexico

Internal Revenue Service Website-Find out more than you want to know about taxes

Escapeartist is the the premier site on the internet for expatriate all around with world with information on about everything you might want to know.

Expatnetwork.com has everything a U.S. citizen overseas may need in the way of resources and help. If you need help or guidance and live abroad, go to this website.


The Settlement Co. is the foremost real estate escrow company in Mexico as well as the place to go for real estate Title Insurance; Tax calculations; and dispute resolutions. San Jose Del Cabo, Baja Sur, Mexico
Connell & Associates - Mexican attorneys and consultants in Puerto Vallarta, Zihuantenejo, and Mexico City. Licensed in Mexico but attorneys are US Citizens - Mexican real estate, corporate, contract, immigration and other legal matters.

Connell & Associates

Siskind Susser is one of the largest immigration law firms in North America and its attorneys have experience handling all aspects of American, Canadian and Mexican immigration and nationality law. . Their lawyers provide consultations to corporations and individuals on immigration law issues and handle cases before the American, Canadian and Mexican governments

International Student Taxes is the best site for foreign students attending US universities to go and prepare their own  simple 1040NR EZ and related form 8843.  For more complex nonresident returns we can help or provide you with further advice.

C.P. Oswaldo Murrillo Martinez,  Contadore is an outstanding Mexican accountant with offices in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. See him about Mexican tax returns, Mexican corporations, business accounting, FM3s, Fideicomisos, and all matters needed to run your Mexican business or real estate. Telephone 011-52-624-1433920 or 01152-624-1432322.  His email address is: oswaldm@clc.com.mx

Need a Mexican Accountant or Business Advisor? 

Vicente Aguilar Sosa who is located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico,  is an excellent "contadore".  If you need a Mexican Corporation, Mexican tax planning, your Mexican tax return prepared, immigration assistance, bookkeeping, or help with  a Mexican real estate purchase or  fideicomiso he has the expertise and knowledge you require.

Vicente speaks excellent English  and is  easy to work with. He is very knowledgeable on Mexican taxes, accounting and many business matters. His fees are also reasonable. Call him at 011 52 624 14 37232 or Fax at 011 52 624 14 37233.  His  also has offices in Cancun; Puerto Vallarta  and Guadalajara .   Email Mr. Aguilar at masvacsa@prodigy.net.mx




       When you contact us to prepare your return, it makes no difference where you live in the world. We will send you by fax or email a complete tax return questionnaire specially designed for expatriate U.S. Citizens and written to help you utilize the many special expatriate tax laws. 

We are always available for respond to your questions by email, fax or phone.  While we prepare your return, most often we contact you several times with questions or suggestions. When the return is completed, we will forward it to you by DHL, Federal Express, mail or as an email attachment over the internet.  Often we can provide you with suggestions  and recommendations to improve your tax or financial situation and how to coordinate your US tax return with your foreign business.

        Our simple expat return preparation rates begin at $500 and  up depending on the complexity of your personal return.  Contact us for  a personal fee quote.  If many past years returns are required, a bulk discount may be available if you have all returns prepared by us. Remember, if you do not file a tax return for any year, the statute of limitations for collections of taxes for those years never expires!  That means the IRS can show up 10 years from now and legally assess taxes for all years in which you failed to file tax returns. If you file a tax return, the statute of limitations expires 3 years after the date it is filed.  If a return is not filed for any particular year, the statue of limitations will remain open allowing the IRS to assess taxes for that year against you forever.

       You should consider that Don Nelson is a licensed US attorney as well as CPA. Anything you reveal to him as an attorney is privileged and confidential and cannot be discovered by the IRS or any other state taxing agency. Therefore, you can talk with him  about your tax problems in complete confidence.

 If  you just need U.S. tax advice  with respect to your business or financial situation abroad, Don Nelson has over 31 years of expertise.  Email, fax or phone him with your questions and he or his staff will promptly respond.  He have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars coordinating client's U.S. income taxes with the tax laws of the client's  country of residence.

Don D. Nelson, Attorney, C.P.A.

US Phone (949) 481-4094  (866) 712-0320
US Fax (949) 218-6483
Email: dondnelson@gmail.com OR email form

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