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If you would like to receive updates on U.S. Tax Law changes with respect to expatriate U.S. Citizens living outside of the U.S., please email us and we will put you on our email list.  We have long term tax clients located throughout the world including Mexico, France, Japan, Thailand, Kuwait, Britain, Canada and Indonesia, etc.

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Why worry about your U.S. taxes while living in your Offshore Paradise?


When you contact us to prepare your return, it makes no difference where you live in the world. We will send you by fax or email a complete tax return questionnaire specially designed for expatriate U.S. Citizens.  We are always available for respond to your questions by email, fax or phone.  While we prepare your return, most often we contact you several times with questions or suggestions. When the return is completed, we will forward it to you by DHL, Federal Express, mail or in any other manner you chose.  Often we can provide you with suggestions  and recommendations to improve your tax or financial situation.

Our return preparation rates begin at $250 and  up depending on the complexity of your personal return.  Contact us for  a personal fee quote.  If many past years returns are required, a bulk discount may be available

If you just need U.S. tax advice  with respect to your business or financial situation abroad, Don Nelson has over 26 years of expertise.  Email, fax or phone him with your questions and he or his staff will promptly respond.  He have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars coordinating client's U.S. income taxes with the tax laws of the client's  country of residence.

Need a Mexican Accountant or Business Advisor?  Vicente Aguilar Sosa who is located in Cabo San Lucas is an excellent "contadore".  If you need a Mexican Corporation, your Mexican tax return prepared, immigration assistance, bookkeeping, or assistance with  a real estate purchase, he has the expertise and knowledge. He speaks English  and is reasonable to work with. His fees are also reasonable. Call him at 011 52 114 37232 or Fax at 011 52 11437233.   Email Mr. Aguilar at masvacsa@prodigy.net.mx

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